CAP2.0 Policy Options for Mitigating Carbon

The 2016 Climate Recovery Ordinance (CRO) sets a greenhouse gas goal of an average emissions reduction of 7.6%& per year until 2100.

Based on the community's 2017 emissions of approximately 1,000,000 MT C02e, the CRO calls for a 2030 goal of about 360,000 MT CO2e. Based on current ghg reduction plans the 2030 ghg emissions will be about 830,000 (40% of the goal). This is an impressive step towards our goal but additional strategies need to be considered to reduce the community's carbon emissions even further. 

Local Emission Sources (2017)

Source MTCO2e Percentage
Electricity 24,549 2.4%
Natural Gas 282,134 27.8%
Transportation Fuels
(Diesel and Gasoline)
532,685 52.6%
Waste and Refrigerant Loss 153,433 15.1%

Policy options for future ghg reductions listed below are broken down into energy used in buildings (electricity and natural gas), transportation, and other.

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