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Engage Eugene Code of Conduct

Moderation Policy

Engage Eugene is moderated by an expert global moderation team from Bang the Table. The City of Eugene does not delete or modify any comments or posts made by users of this site. Review the Bang the Table Moderation Policy for more information.

Code of Conduct

This website is intended to be used for constructive conversations. Some tools on this website allow for direct communication between users. These sections will be monitored by City staff.

Staff MAY respond to your comment for the following reasons:

  • Misinformation
    • Comments that contain misinformation will be corrected by staff
    • Misinformation includes statements that are:
      • False
      • Misleading
      • Opinions based on false statements

  • Questions/Resources
    • Staff may refer you to existing resources
    • Staff will provide answers to questions when applicable

  • Ideas Board
    • If you post an idea on the general ideas board, other users can comment or like your ideas. These ideas are not regularly reported to Council. The ideas board is meant to be a place to share ideas with other Engage Eugene stakeholders.

Staff will not respond to comments that are clearly:

  • Spam, off-topic content, or links to other sites that are:
    • Clearly off topic, unrelated comments
    • Trolling and/ or posting content without substance to intentionally create issues
    • Inflammatory/Not productive
    • Name-calling or bullying

Remember, this site was created to facilitate constructive conversations between the city and the public, and allow for public feedback on city projects. This is a platform to provide feedback in a cordial and respectful manner. Before you post, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I being respectful?
  • Am I contributing constructively to the conversation?
  • Am I posing an appropriate question?

Please refrain from name calling, inflammatory comments, and trolling… We will not respond to this type of behavior. Help us keep conversations productive and actionable by not responding to other users who engage in this behavior.

This website is monitored by City staff members.