Survey #3

We are very excited to be utilizing part of the voter-approved 2018 Parks and Recreation Bond, entrusted to us by the community, to renovate Berkeley Park.

As we work through the design process for the renovation, we value your input. Let's continue to work together to study this revised concept option, seek out solutions to specific park issues and push the potential it has to transform Berkeley Park for all to enjoy.

Revised Berkeley Park Renovation Design Concept 3

Berkeley concept3 survey

Design Updates

We have expanded the playground by one-third from the existing size with all new playground equipment. A sand play and nature play area are included in this design. All of the existing shade trees have been preserved except two, while adding over thirty new trees. The plan is to expand the irrigated lawn as shown with a continuous looped path around the lawn area which connects the playground, basketball court and nature play area. A location is shown for a future bike path connector to the Fern Ridge Path.

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