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Bank Enhancement Work Begins

This week, Downtown Riverfront Park construction will be moving toward the river as crews start bank enhancement work. This means moving massive amounts of dirt to reduce the steep, cliff-like riverbanks so the land will slope gently down to the river. How much dirt? Approximately 10,000 cubic yards of material. That’s enough to cover 4.5 football fields with 1 foot of soil. (Go Ducks!)

Regrading and replanting with native species will anchor the soil in the bank and decrease the chance of erosion. The bank will have a more natural slope, improving views and bringing you closer to the river.

This bank enhancement work is in-keeping with Eugene's strong conservation ethics. Though we will be removing some non-native vegetation and trees, the development plans for the fall include replanting more than 24,000 stakes, bulbs and shrubs.
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The Downtown Riverfront Park is now open! 

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