We’d like to feature neighborhood voices in the Neighborhood Plan. Please share your stories with us!

For example: Where’s your favorite place to spend time outdoors in your neighborhood? What are you most looking forward to about the vision for the future of River Road and Santa Clara? 

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    All the best exploring is in Santa Clara

    by Kate Perle, over 1 year ago

    Do you crave adventure a short walk from your door? Does it include wild places, running water, open skies, all manner of flora and fauna? Explore the banks of the Willamette in Santa Clara from the Beltline underpass to Whiteley Landing to River Loop 1 park (also known as Guthrie corners) to Hileman Landing. There are lots of places to put in a water craft and escape the roads as you travel through Santa Clara on the current of the Willamette River. Travel at nature's pace, without the distractions of modern life and count your blessings your neighborhood is home... Continue reading